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WXVLF Hipot Test Set

  • Rated Voltage: 30KV-80KV.(can choose Model WXVLF-30 ,WXVLF-50 ,WXVLF-80 )
    Output frequency: 0.1Hz、0.05Hz、0.02Hz
    Power: AC 50 Hz,220V ±5%
    Fuse: 5A-20A
    Measurement accuracy:2.5%
    Voltage wave form distortion: ≤3%

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WXVLF Hipot Test Set


It is designed and manufactured for electrical voltage 10kV/35kV/300MW thermal power machine, 10kV/35kV power transformers and lines etc. all electrical main equipment withstand voltage test. Very low frequency withstand voltage test is essentially an alternative of power frequency withstand voltage test. We know that when do power frequency withstand voltage test of large generators, cables etc., because of their insulating layer with large capacity, need large-capacity test transformer or resonant transformer. These devices, not only bulky, high cost, and very inconvenient. To solve this problem, power sector uses the 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency HV generator test device, reduce the test frequency to reduce the capacity of the test power, thus greatly simplifying field testing difficulty. From home and abroad for many years theories and practices have proved that with 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency withstand voltage test replace power frequency withstand voltage test, not only have the same equivalence, and the volume of the device is greatly reduced, greatly reduced weight, theoretical capacity is about one five-hundredth of power frequency.


1. Data of current, voltage, wave form can be directly sampled at high voltage side, so the data is real and accurate.
2. Overvoltage protection: If the output exceeds the set limit of voltage, the instrument will shut-down to protect itself; the actuation time is less than 15ms.
3. Overcorrect protection: it is high-low voltage dual protection in the design, the accurate shut-down protection can be made according to the set value at high voltage side; If the current on low voltage side exceeds the rated current, the instrument will take shut-down protection, the actuation time are both less than 15ms.
4. A high voltage output protective resistor is provided in the voltage boost body in the design and this eliminates the need of additional protective resistor connected outside.
5. As a result of high and low voltage closed-loop negative feedback control circuit, the output without capacitive rise effect.
6. High-voltage control part adopts innovative light control HV switching unit, control is accurate, safe and reliable;
7. With color man-machine interface touch control plus controls modular software operating system, precise and intuitive
8. Multi-purpose, can simultaneously measure tested objects capacitance, insulation resistance, leakage current, and AC withstand voltage test


Table 1:


Rated Voltage

Load Capacity


Reference Weight

   WXVLF-30 (30KV)





Controller: 4kg




WXVLF-50 (50KV)






Booster 50kg



WXVLF-80 (80KV)






Booster 130kV):25kg

Booster 250kV):50kg



Table 2:

Output rated voltage

See table 1

Output frequency


Load capacity

See table 1

0.1Hz max 1.1 μf

0.05 Hz max 2.2 μf

0.02 Hz max 5.5 μf

Measurement accuracy

2.5 %

Positive and negative voltage peak errors


Voltage wave form distortion


Insulation resistance measurement error


Leakage current measurement error



AC 50 Hz220V ±5%

Power Fuse

See table 1




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